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Climate Emergency Declaration


We campaigned to get SMUD, Sacramento County, and Sacramento City to adopt climate emergency declarations like this and with your help we can hold them accountable.

Copies of Climate Emergency Declarations:
Sacramento County
Sacramento City

Individual Climate Tips

Daily Habits

1 Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
2 Household Cleaning

3 Food & drink
  • Eat less meat, specifically beef

  • Buy sustainably-caught fish

  • Coffee, get it from ethical distributors

  • Use a water bottle filled from the tap instead of buying bottled water

4 Electronics
  • Use rechargeable batteries instead of disposable

  • Switch your default web search engine to Ecosia

  • Get your news and bills online instead of from paper media

5 Hygiene

6 Transportation
  • Ride a bike or take mass transit. Carpool to work!

  • Use a Gig or Zip Car

  • Buy a hybrid or electric vehicle

7 Household Goods
  • Use recycled, unbleached, or natural paper towels, tissues, bathroom tissues

  • Buy compostable/biodegradable garbage bags

  • Reuse shopping bags

8 Lawn and Garden
  • Use natural weed remedies like vinegar or hand pulling instead of harmful chemicals  such as round up

  • Use electric equipment instead of gas powered 

  • Use organic pest deterrents such as diatomaceous earth instead of harmful, polluting chemicals.

  • Convert your lawn to native or low water use plants

Sustainable Energy and Investment 

Reduce your energy usage
  • Replace incandescent and fluorescent light bulbs with LED bulbs

  • Reduce heating/air conditioning use and cost

    • Close your window blinds in the summer to prevent sunlight from warming your interior

    • Open your window blinds in the winter to allow sunlight in, then close them at night

    • Replace/clean your air conditioner filter regularly

    • Use heated blankets and small space heaters and turn down the thermostat

  • Buy efficient appliances and use them effectively

    • Most TVs have an eco setting that reduces power consumption

    • Most electronics continue to draw power even when they’re off, use a switch on the outlet

    • Check with your power company for rebates on efficient electronics

  • Get your electricity from renewable sources

    • Check if your local power supplier offers renewable energy options

    • Use energy supply companies like Arcadia, and Clearview that let you buy your electricity from wind farms

    • Get solar for your home

Stop giving money to corporations who invest in dirty industries
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