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Help Stop Global Warming. Protect our most vulnerable and transform our economy. 

For now, and for future generations. 


In 2016 we won the fight against proposals to bring 100 car long explosive crude oil trains through Sacramento. In 2018 we joined the International Climate Emergency Declaration Campaign, and have successfully persuaded the City, the County, and SMUD to adopt Climate Emergency Declarations. Learn more about our coalition here.

The City of Sacramento continues to delay climate emergency actions, using an earlier target of 2044 for 80% reduction of GHG emissions. We need to remind them that they adopted 2030 as a goal for zero emissions. With SMUD's Carbon Zero 2030 Plan in place, they can reach that goal. WE need your help to r

Your support has enabled us to do so much in the last four years. We started by stopping the oil trains. Now our sights are even higher. With your help we advocated directly to Sacramento City, County, and SMUD, and they've all recognized the Climate Emergency we face. However, without continued pressure, they won't hold accountable to the 2030 carbon zero timeline we need to stave off catastrophe. Donate here.

Take Action


We couldn't have done it without you.

Sacramento City, County, and SMUD have all declared some of the most stringent carbon neutrality goals in response to the Global Climate Emergency. Now to hold them accountable to their 2030 timeline, we need your help. Email your local representative or donate today! 

Global Climate Emergency

USA Climate Mobilization

Follow the Climate Emergency Declaration progress across the US here.

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